Cold Calls

I am very lucky! I work as much as I want to, but that being said I am busy! As I talk to other performers I find they are not as busy as I am or can be. I often wonder why? Is that I am better? Or lucky? Good marketing? Or a bit of […]

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Falling in love all over again!

As an Entertainer I feel I always need to be moving forward. Always bettering myself, always finding that new something to add or take away from my performances that will make me stand out from the crowd! But I woke up yesterday and realized I am wearing myself out looking for that something! Remember back […]

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Someone asked on Facebook “what makes you a good person to teach at Clown Conventions?” I think this was a good question. But it got me thinking…. I can teach Clowning and some skills that Clowns use. I have over 20 years experience as a full time Clown. I have taught at big and small […]

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Funny, me???

Sorry late this week and most likely next week too. I find myself of late getting busier again. I need to get back to setting my calendar and sticking to it. It is not too many jobs that is doing it. It is how busy life is becoming. I need to find that balance. Anyways, […]

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Down from the Mountain Top

Clown Conventions have a way of creating a high. So much fun. A great time of learning, seeing old friends, meeting new ones and just fun, fun, fun. When you are at a Clown Convention it is almost as if the rest of the world ceases to exist. On the top of the mountain the […]

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Kansas City Mo!

Sorry there was no blog post last week. I was in Kansas City Mo. at Clowns of America International’s Convention. It was a good week with a few hiccups along the way. The first was arriving in Kansas City 4:30am with no room. And I would have to wait until 11pm until I had a […]

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