Walk the Talk!

“Walk the talk” A phrase we have all heard. But when applied to Clowning does it fit? I think so and not just for those involved in Clown Ministry, but all Clowning.

We have all been to lectures or have heard “experts” spout off about all things Clown. Maybe even have read a blog that comes across that way. <grin> I hope I don’t, however fear that at times I might fit that description. I do try my best to walk the talk. But what happens when you fail to walk the talk as a Clown?

There are Clowns that teach value lessons in their programs and then as soon as they are out of Clown they break these lessons they just taught. If you live in a small town or do a lot of “Hometown Clowning” people recognize you in and out of Clown. Make sure you walk the talk!

For me as a Clown that does Clown Ministry (All my life is Ministry) I need to ‘walk the talk’ if  I don’t, people will tune out the message. I do fail from time to time, but I do my best.

Kids pay attention to details, if you say you love bubble gum ice cream, you better remember to always like bubble gum ice cream. Again, it comes down to character. If you have a back story stick to it! If you teach values, do your best to stick to those values at all times!!!

Those in my town and in a few other areas know me as Halaloo, in and out of Clown and see me as a Children’s entertainer, some see me as a Christian Clown in and out of makeup. I need to be sure that my actions reflect this. That I ‘walk the talk’. This is not always easy to do.

I am not trying to preach my values here. But I am saying if you say something in character, live that out of Clown too. Here is an example. I was asked to do an event for a Church as a outreach program and was not available so I found a replacement entertainer that I thought was a Christian Clown and was told they did great! The message was good and so was the Clowning. Recently I was asked by this same group again to return, again I was booked and I suggested the same replacement. The organizer said that they saw the same performer out of clown, doing a busker event and every joke and comment was adult in nature and somewhat vulgar and rude. That although they loved him at their event last year they felt they could not have him return. Funny thing was they went to great lengths to tell me how good the entertainer was. But they taught certain things at their event and then went in the completely opposite direction when they saw him next. Walk the talk.

Now understand I am not talking about following the rules….I am talking core values.

I am a Christian first, I hope this shines through in all I do. But I fail often. But I am protective of this image when out in the public. As protective as I am about Halaloo‘s image and that of my other Characters (Santa being one of them). Even so much that it has caused me to not attend certain educational weeks, weekends for entertainers because of my image. Thanks to social media. One of these is an event that I went to once and what I learned was great! But for me going to the Jams (a place to hangout with other entertainers and show off, okay help others get better) is a big part of the events. This convention had a Jam room where balloons, face painting and body painting all took place together. Now I am not a prude but I am protective of what I do. I am a “Family Entertainer” and I need to reflect this as best as I can at all times. Could you imagine being photographed and tagged as Santa, Halaloo or Hal Grant with nude or semi-nude and those that hire me see these photos? It may not matter to some but it will to others and to me. “Walk the talk” Or what about doing a safety talk and then going out and get a ticket for running a stop sign? Or talking about always wearing a wig and then to be seen clowning without one? Might be a small thing, yet may damage your credibility. Walk the talk!

Building up credibility with your audience can take years and yet that credibility can be destroyed forever when you fail to walk the walk.

So my word to you is, make sure there is enough of your values in your Clown that it is easy for you to “walk the talk” in or out of Character!

Walk the Talk!

(let the flames begin…. also want to say writing this Blog has been fun and I am way past the 52 weeks. I am not sure I will continue. Maybe one more or it will go to once a month. Depends on you folks and if there are readers. I have also have a new website devoted to my Clown Ministry and it will contain a blog on the same subject. But in case this is the last one…thank you for reading!)


2 thoughts on “Walk the Talk!

  1. I agree Hal – you hit the nail on the head.
    We need to be authentic, and that means that our core values and our everyday practices should be in alignment (visible in our actions) on what we preach.
    If we preach honesty, then we should display this character attribute in real life, especially when it is hard to do.
    I have a saying, “it’s easy to be nice to nice people. We need to practice being nice even to those who are not nice to us.”

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