Why I do, what I do. Don’t lose focus!

I have been Busking with my Balloons at a local Market. Things were going good the first couple weeks. The past couple of weeks, not as good. There are reasons for this…mostly rain and extreme heat. It has taken a toll on who attends. This has hurt my bottomline.

Last week the first two hours were not worth being there and much the same this week. I know if I did not show up at the start of the Market that would be the week everyone comes for the start. I started worrying that I would end the night with a small hat.

But last week I started thinking of two things. One, why did I become a Clown (a entertainer, I do not dress as a Clown at the Market)? And second, why did I choose to Busk at the Market?

I don’t want to go over the how I started as a Clown. You can find that story here. But let’s just say I lost my focus and started worrying about the $$$$, never the motivating factor for me to do what I do. I think that is a danger however for everyone, but more so for a Busker. For a Busker many times you gauge what you do and if you’re successful by the size  of the hat, or how much you made in tips! However what motivated me to do the Market in the first place? I wanted to try to Busk, thought it was a way to find that new  audience. I also was going into a area where I don’t get to many jobs. And that has paid off already with bookings! It was a challenge and a place to practice new lines as well as new balloon designs. And each week has been that!

But I lost my focus last week! I was worried about the few tips I had gotten, starting to doubt if I should be there. After all I paid a very small fee for the season and purchased a canopy too. But here is what I forgot…I was learning, my costs were covered in the first couple weeks. I was getting gigs!! And new connections were being made. All my goals were being met. And it was a night I was seldom busy so it was gravy. Yet it still required work!

But part way through last week it became clear I wasn’t working, I wasn’t entertaining and I was not focusing on what I needed to be focusing on. As I started to refocus the crowds came and it was a decent night even if it was smaller than the first two weeks. I wasn’t sitting, I had a smile on my face. And when no one was there I made BIG, COOL designs.

I am going in now with the attitude of every thing I make is gravy and not to focus on the “hat” at all. It is a bit of the saying of “if you are enjoying what you are doing the audience will as well.

So, I will take this attitude into next week’s Market and see how that week goes. And if I make a little bit for practicing, I will be happy in that!

Same goes for when I am Clowning. I need to always remember the WHY I started Clowning. It was far from becoming rich. Which is a good thing because you most likely never get rich (in dollars) by Clowning, yet I can say I am rich in experiences and with the people I have met because of my Clowning!

So whatever your focus is for you when you entertain, keep your eye on the goal! Stay focused!



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