Always On!

I have a couple of friends who are Clowns, Family Entertainers, that never seem to turn things off. They are in entertainer mode all the time. I must admit it wears on me. I have never been one that can be in clown mode at a flick of a switch nor am I always on.

For me there is a process when I get into Character. Many times it starts with putting my makeup on. And not until I step onto stage (whatever that stage is) do I become Halaloo. Becoming Santa is a bit easier for me.

But here is the thing I am seeing more of…people dressed as Clowns!

I try to make Halaloo something Hal is not! I am not sure I do this as well as I need to. But I am getting better. I want to step into Halaloo and there be no question the Halaloo is not Hal!

I can do this in the way I talk, walk, move or maybe in the way I don’t talk! I am re-inventing Halaloo or at least in the process of finding Halaloo. Maybe it is more like rediscovering him.

I want to stand out from all other entertainers in a good way. I think I am getting there. I still don’t know if I will be in makeup or not. I think I am about to find a new nose. As I said I am rediscovering Halaloo! This is being done by those I watched and learned from at Conventions and I learned from many who were not there as lecturers!!!

I also am learning from those that have lectured for the Alley I head up for COAI, Giggle Bytes Alley #1000 online Alley!, you can join here 

But I am learning from me as well. After doing this for more than 22 years I am starting to trust that I know more than I give myself credit for. And have much to share with the world of Clowning and I need to do this even more than I already do.

But back to being “on” PLEASE, if you are in Clown Makeup BE A CLOWN!!! AWAYS WHEN IN CLOWN! So if you entertain in a way that prevents you from being a clown first…maybe you can still entertain that way but not dressed as a clown. One reason I did soul searching about doing balloons as a Clown. But a friend I trust told me I was a Clown when doing Balloons. I gave up face painting years ago because I felt I stopped Clowning as soon as I was about to start painting a face. If I can’t be a Clown while doing something while dressed in Clown, something has to give. For me that is get out of the makeup if I want to entertain in that manner.

So remember when in Clown and in the public’s eye, always be on. Even if you think no one can see you, but there is a chance of being seen….BE SURE YOU ARE ON!


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