Don’t be shy to offer your expertise!

I was asked if I would do a parade for a wonderful client. They wanted to hand out items as well as candy. I knew this was a tough thing to pull off. But I said little. She also had young people tossing candy. I foresaw the problem…. Let me say this parade is still one of the few I know of where Candy can be tossed to those watching. I believe it should be handed out! I was glad what I was giving out I handed out. But my fear was realized when EVERY Child wanted what I was giving out. But before we got half way through the parade we were out of things to give away. Too much candy given out to early in the parade.

What to do? Well I had brought juggling balls with me. I did a 3 ball cascade and played to the crowd as much as I could. But I had also a large number foam clown noses with me. So I would go and talk to the crowd and was asking if they had seen any of my family members around. It was then that I took a foam nose and placed it on my “victim” I was able to repeat this 24 times in-between my juggling act. Cool thing was, I made this work all the way until the end of the parade.

I took this “job” on, mid week and had a couple of days to pull it off. It went okay and people were appreciative of my “act” Was it the best parade routine ever? No. Can I do better? Yes! We will find out next year!



I was so thankful to have done this parade. It was the first parade I had done “in Clown”

But here is the thing, so often we are quick to take the job and we go along with the customer. Even when we know something won’t work, or could have been better! But we stay silent and think “this is the customer’s baby and I am getting paid.” But guess what? If you can offer advice that will make the event better, even if it means the customer is said to be wrong. Maybe it is not that they are wrong, but you have advice that could have made your customer look good and you as well. As professionals we need to show expertise and speak up! If I could go back I think I would have said “let me be funny and you guys can hand things out.” I would have also said have adults on the float controlling  how much is given away, divide give-a-ways into 2 sections. half for the beginning of the parade and the other half does not get used until we have passed the halfway point.

I think I learned a lot from this parade and the person who put our float together also did a good job. I think next year it will be better and so will I!



4 thoughts on “Don’t be shy to offer your expertise!

  1. Aww Hal just been going through this. Yes you are right we have an obligation to speak up. As entertainers having done many events we know what works and what doesn’t. Where it gets difficult is how to do this tactfully.


  2. I’ve had the problem in the past where I’m booked at a pool party. I used to go along with it, but it’s so hard to get the kids out of the pool to sit and watch a show. Kids get antsy because they want to play in the pool and it makes me look bad because the perception is that I’m not interesting to the kids. Now I just flat out refuse to do pool parties. I explain the situation and advise the client that it would be best to just let the kids play in the pool.


    1. I have been there! If a pool party and I know ahead of time I mention to the person hiring I can come and do balloons only for those not in the pool. OR, if they plan the party so that the pool is off limits to the guests until after the “show”

      I try to make pool parties the last event of the day or the only event. And offer them a photo app of a lifetime. Me getting pushed in by the guest of honour or dunked.

      If the party is for those eight and older I make the party a pirate party and have the guests walk the plank! But it takes educating the client sometimes. There are times like the event in this weeks blog where I fail to use my knowledge to correct the client. And in doing so the event could have been better. But at the same time I was prepared.

      But there are events I say no to. Saying no to the pool party is fine, but if you feel you are losing out on gigs become the Clown who jumps in the pool with them! Check these photos out about to pushed in

      and this

      12 years later these two birthday boys and their parents remember this day! Thanks for posting and I hope you enjoy the blog and you get something from them!

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