Clown Convention!

Sorry this is late this week. New furnace air conditioner and getting quotes for painting. This took lots of research to find the right company and product. Add to that the normal stuff and getting ready to be away for a week It has been a busy one. Add to it some clown jobs and […]

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How do you get your smile on?

All entertainers have those days, weeks maybe years where everything in your personal life seems to be making it hard to smile. After all we are human and crap happens. But when you are a family entertainer how do you put all “life” behind you, put on a smile and entertain? As a Clown sometimes […]

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What does that word mean to you? There are so many thoughts that come to my mind when I hear that word. First is it is going by too fast. Second, do I have enough time? Third, how much time do I have to fill? Time….can I slow it down, speed it up or make it stop! Time […]

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