The Best Laid Plans

Sometimes, no matter how much you worked on coming up with a great show or the perfect routine something happens where your only option is to “blow it all up” and move on! There are so many variables that create the need to change a routine. It could be you chose the wrong volunteer. Maybe […]

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“Tis the Season”

We all have those seasons as entertainers where it seems all those requesting our services are wanting us for “free” or looking for “donations” or a special rate. Mine seems to be season for this is Spring. It is so refreshing when Charities call and are willing to pay. They ask for my rates. No […]

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Falling out of Love

Falling out of Love I am sure that title grabbed your attention! If you have ever fallen in love with someone or something you know just how much you will do to win that person over. Or how hard you will work to acquire that something. What is that phrase? There are many… “I will […]

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where does your inspiration come from? For me it comes from many places. When it comes to the balloons it is the medium itself. But also from seeing what others are doing with balloons! Right now there is so much being done with distortion. I am not sure I am ready for that yet. I […]

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