My Hero!

We all have heroes. Growing up many of mine were Hockey players and at least one Actor. Gordie Howe was at the top and Dave Keon followed by Darryl Sittler were heroes to me. I knew all about them, where they were from, last year’s goal, assist and points totals. I memorized everything on their […]

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Getting Away!

This week was a blast! Thank you Patterson Family! Many of you know Racheal. But for those of you who don’t let me paint a picture. I met Racheal, her sister and mom in Erie, April 2015. We hit it off right away. As you know (or I hope you know) I am a Christian […]

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Family! For me God always comes first. Others next, family first in that group. Then there is me. It just who I am. As many of you know I have a son who is very involved in Hockey. He is very good. Politics have decided where he will play this year, another new team just […]

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