We are renovating our basement rec room and bath. It seems like the more we prep to get the job done the more work we find. Things done wrong that need to be redone. Changes in what we had thought we wanted done. It is never ending. The end plan is the same, the road […]

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Stop and smell the roses!

Sometimes life just seems to be moving to fast. This week was one of them. There were gigs, renovations, trips to purchase a new vanity and counter top. Then there was the trip to return it. But before that we visited two stores that just did not want to take our money. After getting no […]

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Party, Party, Party!

The last week of Summer before School starts for our son! The signal that Summer is coming to the end. It also is our anniversary and my wife’s birthday. Time for a PARTY! So this week was our week! We had a night out, a gathering with friends and another with family. Party after Party! […]

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