American Clown Academy

What a week Some of you know I was away for week and what a week it was. I ran away to join the circus. Really the circus. When I arrived I was almost tackled by my dear friend and a very talented clown…..Rachel Patterson! What a start to what will be very many years […]

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Working Holidays!

For me working on holidays are not always without family time as my daughter Hope is often with me as she was this Canada Day. But for many Entertainers holidays can be lonely. Family off cerebrating and you working. As a family entertainer I find myself working on almost all the major holidays and the […]

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What a week!

We all have weeks where we wish they did not happen, or at least most of the week. My week started by me feeling the urge to pray for my FaceBook friends. EACH friend , one by one, each day for the week. I do this from time to time. Try it, you will be […]

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