It has been a hot two weeks, at least on the days where I had to work. But I got through the events. And as always received much praise for doing what I do. Last week I talked about how I priced myself. The last word on that is, price yourself where you are happy […]

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Let me begin by saying this week has been a tough but rewarding week, as far as my Clown Gigs are concerned. And that is what this blog is really about. The heat this week made every job a bit tougher to get through. But I am still standing…sort of. Took a knock to the […]

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If there ever was a group of people that know how to celebrate it should be family entertainers! This weekend I attended a family wedding. Great weather, great food and great fellowship! It also provided me with a bit of a break at a time where I have a couple of weeks of things being […]

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Honesty, there is a good subject for family entertainers. Goes hand in hand with what I wrote last time, ethics. For me as I go through this process as to what type of entertainer I want to be, clown, not a clown, I have been really examining what I do. What I do, why I […]

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