Our greatest marketing tool is ourselves. How we perform and what we deliver is just a small part of the package. I know many that claim to be “marketing experts” but few talk about ethics when talking about marketing. It is all about making more money. But can that be what it is all about? […]

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A pat on the back!

Everyone can use a pat on the back from time to time. But Entertainers need this! We count on it. I started to think this when the plane I was on landed in Portugal, there was applause. Applause the first pat on the back the entertainer experiences when performing. We crave this, for Clowns and […]

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I am getting ready to head to Portugal for a week (plus) looking forward to it. But packing is something I dread. That and the travel day. This is a vacation trip so packing is not overwhelming. But when packing as a Clown I always go with too many things. I tell myself that it […]

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Cough, Cough!

What a week it has been. Have not felt the best this week. Had a couple of things on the go. One was an event that I love doing every year. But feeling under the weather had me worried. In about 20 years of being an entertainer I have only had to cancel once! And […]

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