How it began

I am a stay at home dad. Our eldest child has high needs. When she came home we knew that it was best someone stay home with her. Economics determined it would be me. To this day I will tell you I would not have chose this path and I would not if I could […]

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This was to be about how I started this journey called Clowning. It will have to wait until next week. I just felt compelled to share this week with you. Some of you may have already know about the way this week happened, but I hope you will read anyways! I have been going back […]

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Growing Up

Our youngest is about to turn 15, his sister is about to head off to college again. I am feeling old! It hit me as I was visiting an Open House at a College with my¬†daughter. We have been through this before…she was away for a year. But this time it feels different. It is […]

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