Where did the week go?

  It was the first week of having a schedule and I found out the schedule was….broken! Okay maybe it is not broken. It was a week where we lost a day to a holiday, visiting our daughter changed. And I strayed from one day completely when we had breakfast out with our daughter, shopped […]

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I need a schedule!

The problem that can exist when your job is home based, is having anĀ area that is away from family and the chores that need doing around the house. And the distractions! There is only so many cartoons you can watch and call it research. And that is not the best place to learn routines from. […]

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Creating a new show

I decided I do not want to be a magician dressed as a clown. And although I can do magic I just never felt like that was what I wanted to be. So I dropped the magic, it is now packed away for the time being. My new persona will be focused on entertaining with […]

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Starting over!

Starting over….it sounds so easy. I am a bit of a Pack Rat! I don’t get rid of things easily. Now don’t get an image of a hoarder, I am far from that. But I find things that I think would be great to use with my clowning. Now some get used and other things […]

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