It has been too long since I last wrote something. Thought today was the right time With all the pulling this way and that, I am leaning towards opportunities that help me follow the path I have chosen. Sadly this means there are groups I will be leaving. My focus as Halaloo needs to be […]

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Am I a Clown or do I clown?

Seems it always comes back to this. I asked the kids I see the following question “what is a Clown?” Almost everyone of them said “someone who is funny” Two of them said “someone who wears a red nose” The dictionary defines Clown this way. noun          1. a comic entertainer, especially […]

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Always Over Deliver!

I am a good balloon twister and a good entertainer. The best? I don’t think so but it is always the goal. But it is amazing how often people tell me that I am the best balloon artist they have seen. Why do I find this amazing? I often am entertaining in areas where I […]

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Walk the Talk!

“Walk the talk” A phrase we have all heard. But when applied to Clowning does it fit? I think so and not just for those involved in Clown Ministry, but all Clowning. We have all been to lectures or have heard “experts” spout off about all things Clown. Maybe even have read a blog that […]

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